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Honda GAP Insurance

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. The worst thing that can happen is a total loss, which means that you will not get reimbursed what you owe on your vehicle. What GAP insurance does is cover what is owed on the remainder of the loan, which can end up with you getting another vehicle after an accident.

In the event of your Honda being totaled by an adjuster, you may find yourself battling with the insurance agencies over getting another vehicle or getting a fair value from the car itself. What GAP does is covers you on the rest. Think of it as an extra benefit to having vehicle insurance.

Here are some important things to know about GAP insurance for your Honda:

  • Auto Insurance – Having insurance is a good thing. Besides, you need it to cover you when and if something happens to your car. GAP insurance, on the other hand, covers the GAP that insurance companies won’t cover. You can purchase GAP insurance from the dealership itself. So when you are at a dealer buying a new Honda, consider purchasing this insurance.
  • What It Covers – GAP insurance covers losses and theft. What this means is that if you have totaled your new car or if someone has stolen it, then you are completely covered. You may want to ask your dealership what else it may cover, but these are the two main things. You may think that nothing will ever happen, but it does and always when you are not ready.
  • Is It Required? The answer to this is no. You don’t need this if you think that it won’t happen to you or just can’t afford it at the time. But, it’s something to really consider. You never need extra coverage, but it’s a good idea to have it for when the worst happens.
  • Do All Cars Come with GAP Insurance? They actually do not. You will not automatically have it stapled to your loan, so you will have to ask in advance before making the purchase. They will place it on your loan and add it to your monthly payments. As mentioned earlier, you really may want to consider purchasing this as it is an important thing to have.
  • Can I Purchase GAP Insurance from My Insurance Provider? Yes, you can actually purchase this from your insurer. They really don’t mention it because if you have all of your bases covered, then they feel that is adequate enough. Call your insurer and ask them to give you a quote on GAP as it may save you from a total loss.

GAP insurance for your Honda is not an essential, but something to really consider. You will need it for when and if you suffer a total loss on your vehicle or theft. Either way, you’ll want to be covered on all sides of your insurance. The insurance only costs a few dollars more and will give you a sense of security.